Review: Colour-changing LED Star Curtain Light

As a result of my son Hugo’s death, I am not excited about or really looking forward to Christmas. So, when I was given the opportunity to review some Christmas decorations, I was originally reticent – until I saw how many star decorations there are. Stars have such a special symbolic significance to me every day of the year, because of Hugo.

UK Christmas World is an online store with pretty much every decoration you can possibly think of – for outdoors, as well as in your home.

I did a search for ‘star’ on the website and was pleased to see the amount of choice of star items. After much umming and ahhing I chose the colour changing LED Star Curtain Light , suitable for indoor and outdoor use – and I am delighted with my choice.

The lights arrived just a couple of days after the order was placed, well wrapped in a plastic envelope. The lights themselves were well-protected in a box that will be easy to store the lights in when not in use.



There are five stars on the lights – one for every week of Hugo’s life. Completely coincidental of course, but special to me. Originally I had planned to hang the lights from our fireplace, which is where we display Hugo’s photos, but the stars were much bigger than I realised.

This turned out to be a happy accident: I looked around my home for an alternative place to put the lights. As their name suggests, ‘curtain’ lights go well in a window. As luck would have it, the window frame in our dining room randomly had five nails spaced at perfect intervals to hang the lights from – these lights were just meant to be for me!

Hanging the lights was easy peasy. All I needed to do was unravel the cable – there is a handy little hook already in place at the top of the cable leading to each individual star.

The lights have four colours: red, blue, pink or purple. There is a little switch on the plug that you can press to choose whether you want the lights to stay on any one of these colours, or you can choose for the lights to transition through each of the colours in turn. Having the lights transition through each of the colours is my preferred option – each colour stays for about five seconds. The lights give the room a beautiful glow.

I have kept the lights on in the evening and they have put a smile on my face whenever I have gone in to the room.

The photos below don’t do the lights justice, but they do show the gorgeous glow each colour displays:





The cable is transparent, meaning no unsightly wires.

A bonus of these lights is that they can be used outdoors, as well as in the home. Each star is made out of a robust plastic, and the massive 10.5 metre cable means that most people shouldn’t have a problem with plugging them in a suitable place in the house so they can be used in the garden. The little hooks mean the lights will be easy to hang from a tree in your garden. I am so looking forward to using the lights in our garden next summer, and sharing a little bit of Hugo magic during those lovely long evenings.

The lights boast low voltage, which results in low running costs. In addition, LED lights last 500 times longer than standard bulbs (as it says on the box), so I am looking forward to using these lights every day for a very long time.

At £19.99 (they are currently reduced from £32.99) they are an absolute bargain. I am so pleased with the lights, and would happily buy them myself.


Disclosure: I was sent these lights in return for an honest review. All words and opinions are my own.



8 thoughts on “Review: Colour-changing LED Star Curtain Light

  1. jennythem says:

    Wow when I said your Hugo was out there somewhere shining on you both – I honestly thought of him as a star – beautiful blog Leigh – each time you write you reduce me to tears – I’m proud to be your friend xx 💝💝


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