Blue and Thinking of You


The colour of the sky

The clear expanse of sea

The colour of your hat.

It makes me think of you.



The colour of a mood, they say:

Sad, melancholy, bereft,



Sad, melancholy, bereft, low


But I do not call it ‘blue’


Blue is your colour

My darling

It makes me think of you


And how can I be blue

When I am thinking about you?


I am sad, bereft, lost,


When I think about how you are not here

The gap is as big as the sky is blue on a clear summer’s day

The sadness as deep as the all the seas put together

My sorrow is infinite as I hold the little blue hat you once wore.


My gorgeous boy –

Your eyes peeking out from your hat

That perfect nose

Your head of dark hair.


I hold your little hat

That you once wore

It connects me to you

It still has your smell,



I will never know if your eyes would have been blue

Like your daddy’s.

You will never see a clear blue summer’s sky

Or play beneath it.

You will never see the clear blue sea

Or play in it.


This makes us sad, melancholy –

Yes, blue.

And that is because

I love you.




6 thoughts on “Blue and Thinking of You

  1. Sara (@mumturnedmom) says:

    Oh Leigh, the many meanings of blue. Beautiful words for your boy. The connection to his little hat is so poignant; blue is Hugo’s colour, not the colour of sadness. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt x


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