Mental Health Matters – Week Three

I was pleased to be asked by 23 Week Socks to write a guest post about my bereavement experiences. Sadly my difficulties in trying to find appropriate support are not unique – bereaved parents need counselling support, and need to be signposted to relevant local support to help them deal with their loss. The current situation is unacceptable.

This is part of the #HugosLegacy, #MatExp, and #SayTheirName campaign.

Apologies for the lack of a Mental Health Matters guest spot last Thursday, ironically (or not) my own mental health got in the way of blogging but hopefully it should be business as usual (at least for the time being).

This weeks Mental Health Matters guest writer is Leigh Kendall who blogs over at Leigh is very active in all things to do with raising awareness around HELLP syndrome, NICU and is also very much involved with #MatExp.

This is her story of her battle with mental health issues.

Imagine being told your precious, much-wanted, much-loved baby will not survive. Imagine having to make heartbreaking decisions on behalf of your baby. Imagine cuddling your baby as they breathe their last. Imagine leaving your baby behind at the hospital.

These things all happened to me. In real life. The unimaginable happened to me.

My son Hugo died at the age…

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