Bags of Style – and Confidence

As regular readers will be aware, I have been anxious about my impending return to work.

Being a big fan of handbags – Radley ones in particular – I was over the moon when Radley kindly offered me a bag to help with my return-to-work transition.

I was very generously sent the beautiful Millbank Large Zip Top Tote in Cerise Pink. Structured from the buttery soft leather I know and love Radley for, it is the ideal work bag: professional yet stylish, pretty yet practical, classic yet modern.

The cerise is the perfect shade of pink – bright enough to make a statement, but not so bright as to be brash.DSC_5568


The tote is large enough to fit all these things in: iPad, notebook, purse, keys, phone, Kindle, cosmetic bag, diary, notebook, sunglasses case, umbrella, tissues, and A4 folders (they are resting on the dust bag the tote comes with).

Chiropractors fear not, I will be unlikely to carry this all at one time! All the items that could be fitted in to the bag just shows how roomy it is – yet, as you can see from the photos it is not so large as to look unwieldy.


Inside, there are a variety of different pockets to help you find things easily (ever thought you’d lost something, such as your phone – only to find it right at the bottom of the bag?) and keep your valuables secure too.

The outside of the tote features a couple of slip pockets for things such as travel tickets it is useful to keep handy – no rummaging at the barrier!

So many pockets!

So many pockets!


Valuables safely stashed…


Double zips to the main compartment, and slip pockets for your A4 files – a work bag that is stylish and practical.

Radley’s trademark tag charm comes in the form of removable multi-coloured leather discs.


The tote is perfect for feeling professional and confident for my return to work – and it is very ‘me’.

It is so beautiful I almost don’t want to use it…almost!


Disclosure: Radley generously gifted me this bag. All words and opinions are mine.

Thank you to Martin Parker for kind use of the images in this post.

10 thoughts on “Bags of Style – and Confidence

  1. poutinginheels says:

    Oh Leigh! What a BEAUTIFUL bag! Goodness me, it suits you perfectly. Do you know, I’ve never ever been keen on Radley bags. I’ve always thought they were a bit too safe and predictable and dare I say it (Sorry Radley!) But over rated. However…you have totally changed my mind. I’m rather a bit in love with this one. More style posts please! X ( and also can we just talk about THIS dress too please, stunning!) X


    • Leigh Kendall says:

      Thank you so much Kate! Aw lovely to hear I’ve helped convert you…And thank you re the dress, too! It’s from Boden last year. Always feel so glamorous when wearing it xxx


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