Sunday Thought: Running Away from My Problems

Ok, the title is misleading. It’s not possible to run away from my problems. I’ve tried: they just come with me, pesky little blighters.

These past few days have been really tough. Low mood, low energy levels. This afternoon, I had an urge to go for a run. So I did, in the rain! and I actually feel a bit brighter for it.

This is no small feat for the woman who, once upon a time would go to great lengths to avoid exercise. That has changed in recent years, but to be honest the sofa usually still has the greater lure.

Running works for me as a bit of a stress-buster. Feeling my feet pound against the treadmill, or the pavement helps clear my head – for a while, at least. The endorphins cheer me up for a bit, and make me feel more energised.

With my history of avoiding exercise, the fact that I went out running instead of sitting on the sofa on a wet afternoon – did I mention it was raining? – makes me feel really proud of myself, and empowered.

So that’s my Sunday Thought for today. I can’t outrun my problems, sadly. But running can chase them out of my head, give me a bit of respite. Even if it is just for a while, I will take it.

13 thoughts on “Sunday Thought: Running Away from My Problems

  1. Kiran Chug says:

    Good for you Leigh. I’m in a real low when it comes to exercise – and I’m barely doing any. I know that I feel better when I do. Fresh air, doing something good for your body – these things feel good. Glad you found your space, and hope you keep doing so. Well done you and thank you for inspiring me xx


  2. Tim says:

    I need to do something similar for a combination of my health and my mental well-being. I used to do a lot of sport and exercise pre-kids (despite being perennially overweight) and I miss the mental down-time that being at the gym or playing badminton offered. So many problems seemed to resolve themselves in my subconscious!


  3. beautwins says:

    Go you!! Well done Hun. I used to love running. This is a super alternative and the fact you acknowledged this is brilliant. I have been working out but been lazy this past week recovering from being unwell and low the week before. No excuse this week. You motivated me!! Xxxx


  4. Me, The Man & The Baby says:

    *high fives for running* it’s the one activity I find where you can feel free from everything, you just put on your trainers and stick the headphones in and become totally lost in yourself. Thinking about you this week as you return to work, take care of yourself lovely xx


  5. Tara says:

    I love running in the rain. Well done for getting out there.

    Is tomorrow your first day back at work? If so, I really hope you get on ok. Remember we are here if you need is us.

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  6. Mummy Writes says:

    Good for you Leigh! I must admit I felt a pang of envy. My energy feels so very low. I recognised that high you felt after your rainy run, I used to thrive on that. But something is stopping me doing it and I’m still in a phase of comfort eating. I get palpatations often and I think I’m a bit scared to exert myself. I hope you manage to keep up the running when you go back to work as it seems to work wonders for you and your mood (hate the word ‘mood’ but you know what I mean). x


    • Leigh Kendall says:

      I say your body will tell you when it wants to go again. I had a good while of comfort eating – lots of custard creams were involved – and to go running was kind of an instinctive thing (never, ever thought I’d say that!). Sorry to hear about the palpitations, I bet they are scary. Have you had yourself checked out? Hope you feel able to return to running (or something else you like doing) when you are ready because it does help with the mood (for want of a better word) a bit xxx

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      • Mummy Writes says:

        Thanks Leigh. I agree about it feeling right before you do it. I’m just waiting for it! I’ve had the palps checked and doc says it’s ‘just anxiety’. I’m coming round to thinking it can’t make it worse to exercise. I did used to run a lot but not sure if I want to return to it. It’ll come. Hope your run high lasts 🙂 x


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