A Successful Week

This week, I am happy to report has felt successful for me personally, and for my blog:


For the past few months I have been making a concerted effort with my food intake and exercise. I’ve been doing particularly well with my running, doing regular 5km distances on the treadmill at the gym. I’m feeling the benefits physically: I’m feeling more toned, lighter, and generally better. The number on the scale isn’t going down as quickly as I would like, but slow and steady wins the race for sustainable lifestyle changes. And the main thing is the number is going down!

Sadly my gym is closing next week. It is part of a hotel, and the hotel has decided it is no longer profitable. It is a shame because it is a small, friendly gym with a good community atmosphere – and it is much cheaper than the regular chain gyms. As we are heading in to the better weather, I am going to be exercising outside for the time being. I invested in a Fitbit to keep track of my activity and help keep myself motivated. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a snazzier sort of pedometer that can also record your total active minutes, and your sleep. It can connect to your phone via Bluetooth, and it stores your records on the Fitbit app where you can also track your food and fluid intake. It arrived a couple of days ago, and so far so good – the app is really good; I like how the band vibrates and flashes when I’ve reached my activity goal – and it’s bright pink, so it’s pretty!

Bright pink Fitbit

Bright pink Fitbit

I am delighted that my garden is flourishing in the spring sunshine. I was especially pleased to see the forget-me-nots doing so well, after thinking the seeds had been annihilated last year. Many of the wildflowers are sprouting now, and I’m looking forward to even more vibrant colour in the garden.

The Blog

My blog has been an invaluable retreat. However, much as I enjoy writing for the sake of writing, I had to reflect my blogging schedule was becoming rather wearing. There were times that I found I was forcing myself to write through grief fog, even though it took me much longer than it should have, and I didn’t have to write it. As much as blogging is a wonderful therapy, that kind of behaviour isn’t healthy for me.

I came up with few ideas to help sort myself out.  I find I have so much to say about things, and my head is often bursting with inspiration. So, the first is Sunday Thought, which launched this week. It’s a simple concept, where I will write a few lines about what I think about a quote or a saying. Brevity and words from the top of my head is key here, rather than pushing myself too hard.

The second idea, Life After… came about after reflecting everything that I have survived in the past year. In the immediate aftermath of Hugo’s death, I didn’t want to believe people who said things would get not better necessarily, but different, and so they have. I wanted to offer that hope and reassurance to other people. I was pleased to have people getting in touch to take part, and the first guest post will be published next Tuesday. If you would like to feature, or know someone who might (anyone is welcome, you don’t have to be a blogger), please do get in touch. I hope the series helps make a difference to other people’s lives.

The third idea is a bit of fun, and a bit of much-needed regular light relief for me. It will be launched tomorrow…watch this space!

I was proud to achieve one of my ambitions earlier this year by becoming a Huffington Post blogger. Most of my posts for them have appeared on the front page of the relevant section (lifestyle, parenting), and this time I was a featured blogger – and on the front page of the whole site, too. The article was about how I deal with seeing the many pregnancy and baby photos on Facebook; it is not something that is openly talked about. The response I have had shows that it is helpful for other mums in a similar position to be open about these things. It is an excellent boost for the profile of Hugo’s Legacy, too.

Talking of the Huffington Post, it has been a successful week for fellow bloggers. Em from Brummy Mummy of 2 was also a featured blogger alongside me, and Katie, Katy, Aby and Amy have also recently become HuffPost bloggers too. It’s fabulous to see these lovely ladies going for it and enjoying success, too.

Featured Bloggers...I like the Emma Watson quote on the right, too.

Featured Bloggers…I like the Emma Watson quote on the right, too.

Earlier this week I was approached by BBC World Service to appear on a radio programme. I declined because the topic wasn’t right, but I hope they will ask me again with another issue. The producer found me through social media, so it’s fascinating to think who is observing. The request felt like a big success because it’s the kind of PR approaches I wanted – to talk to a wide audience on such a prestigious platform about Hugo’s Legacy would be incredible (thankfully I haven’t had any baby product offers for a while).

The Reading Residence

29 thoughts on “A Successful Week

  1. oddsocksandlollipops says:

    Sounds like a good week, I love the fitbit, it’s a gorgeous colour. Well done on the huffpost feature =)
    I wish I had some motivation for exercise and diet but at the minute I just can’t seem to find my motivation anywhere! I definitely agree that slow and steady is the best thing in terms of weight-loss and lifestyle change.


  2. Katy (What Katy Said) says:

    Such a fab week (and thank you for the mention!) am so glad I got to meet you Saturday and fab that you love so close! I have forget-me-nots in my garden too, I love wild flowers! Lots of love xxxxxx


  3. Tim says:

    Sounds like a very good week! It would be great for you to get on the BBC about the right topic – it would be a great platform for you to share your experiences and how you have dealt with them. They’re quite active in scouring social media for potential contributors – I was approached about something last year but sadly it fell through. It’s lovely to know that they are out there watching and paying attention though.


  4. Mummy Tries says:

    You are on fire lady, and thoroughly deserved too. You know I’m one of your biggest fans 😉 really pleased to hear about your wins and excited to learn more about the new features. Go you for getting your fitness on track as well. You rock!

    Have a fab weekend xx


  5. thereadingresidence says:

    A very successful week all round then. The fitbit looks good, I’ll have to look into that myself. I like the sound of your new blog features and look forward to reading more. Well done on the Huffington post and media contact, fabulous! x Thanks for sharing with #WotW


  6. amytreasure0 says:

    Leigh, what a fabulous week! Shame we don’t live closer I would love a gym buddy 🙂

    Thanks so much for the mention and everyone is so proud of you for making the front page and the work you do in raising awareness and talking about a difficult issue. It’s amazing and you are so strong.

    I did some radio for BBC and loved it! I think it’s fab you’re waiting for the right opportunity and certain something else will come up. You are spot on, you never know how is reading your blog and that counts for all the women who have suffered loss that are reading your words and feeling comfort.

    You do a fantastic job at keeping #hugoslegacy alive Leigh xxx


    • Leigh Kendall says:

      Ooh yes Amy a gym buddy would be great! Thank you so much for your kind words, I think we’re all really proud of one another for getting out there. I really hope my words do help others in a similar position – Hugo helping others, always.

      Fab to hear you’ve done some BBC radio work – I’m sure the right opportunity for me will come along. Thanks for commenting lovely xxx


  7. poutinginheels says:

    So thrilled that your wonderful work and #hugoslegacy is getting bigger and bigger and bigger! You’re doing brilliantly Leigh! Well done on the other life changes too and thanks for the mention. I love being a huffer! 😉 x


  8. carla says:

    I’m glad you are not pushing yourself to write for the sake of it. It’s a reason I do not post as regular as i used to.
    And a very big happy dance for all the bloggers in the Huffpost!!!!!


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