Blog Makeover: Sela Theme

My blog has had a little makeover during the past couple of days!

To be honest, while I have been wanting to tinker with the layout for some time, the timing of the makeover was rather spontaneous. I had logged on to update my About page following some useful tips generously provided by Slouching Towards Thatcham (I’ve now updated it!).

Having a little browse of the other available WordPress themes, Sela caught my eye. Being a magpie, the bright pretty colours of the demo really caught my eye.

My blog’s former theme, Oxygen, was great: I loved the image slider on the homepage especially. However, I was frustrated with the two sidebars (I couldn’t find a way to delete one or the other) that meant my content looked a bit squished between them. Also, this grammar pedant was never entirely comfortable with being unable to appropriately capitalise the menu options…

Hours have been spent on Canva faffing around creating a new header. This theme has a smaller space for a header, which is fine, but the smaller size meant the text couldn’t be easily seen against the starry background. A shame to have to get rid of the starry background, but I love how bold and clear the new header looks. Of course, the header still features a star with a photo of Hugo gripping my finger.

The Sela theme has the option to show your latest posts on the homepage, or a static page. I prefer having a static page: it feels like my blog’s ‘shop window’, showing what is on offer. I tweaked the front page a bit – the demo suggests the text includes a ‘call to action’. To quickly show readers the website is a blog and to entice readers I’ve also included a featured post. I’ll change the featured post according to criteria I’ll make up as I go along with whatever takes my fancy.

I love the purple sparkly background on the front page. It’s courtesy of Canva, for the bargain price of less than a pound.

Beneath the purple sparkly background (do go and admire it if you haven’t already) is space for widgets for whatever you like. I’ve chosen to use them to link to the main blog post page, with some text detailing the kind of things I write about; to information about Hugo’s Legacy; and to my ‘Featured In’ page.

Many of my readers will access my blog through a specific link from social media or a linky for example, meaning they may miss the homepage.

As I say, I like to create a ‘shop window’, and it’s an at-a-glance way for readers who may not previously have visited my blog to see what it is about – with eye-catching impact.

The blog looks clean, uncluttered, and inviting (hopefully!).

Getting my blog’s new theme to a place where I was happy with it took a bit of tinkering. The effort was worth it, especially as I did it all myself – it’s very satisfying!

With plentiful amounts of purple throughout the site, it feels pretty and much more ‘me’ than my old theme. It’s bright, colourful, creative, and distinctive.

Do let me know what you think…


13 thoughts on “Blog Makeover: Sela Theme

  1. Mrs H says:

    I LOVE it. I am a massive fan of clean and uncluttered blogs but that are still full of personality. This is so ‘you’ Leigh. It is great. I think the featured post ideaos brilliant and I adore the sparkly purple. Hugs Mrs H xxxx


  2. Tim says:

    I like the new theme – it’s clean with lots of white space but it’s also still distinctly *you* and the rainbow splashes around the edges are striking without being distracting. The new About page looks good too!


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