When #HugosLegacy Trended

Thanks to many wonderful people on social media, #HugosLegacy trended last Friday.

I had asked people to help get the hashtag trending in recognition of Hugo’s first birthday. While I had hoped people would get involved, the number of people who tweeted for Hugo surpassed my expectations.

Individuals and organisations alike started off the day by encouraging others to get involved (with just a very small sample of the tweets):

People explained why Hugo’s Legacy matters:

Apparently my tweets alone on Friday had a reach of 786,000. Thinking of how many people now know of Hugos Legacy from my and everyone else’s tweets is extraordinary. Seeing the number of tweets and retweets marked #HugosLegacy really was a sight to behold.

There were so many tweets coming through, it became difficult to keep up with them all.

#HugosLegacy was for a time trending higher than EastEnders with their big ‘whodunnit’ murder storyline.

Only Cadbury’s was above us (but that was sponsored which is cheating). #HugosLegacy continued to trend in to the evening.



I have on several previous occasions described myself as ‘humbled’ by the support Hugo’s Legacy has received. Humbled seems an understatement for describing Friday.

Baby loss remains a taboo, yet people took time out of their day to tweet about it. Thanks to the efforts of everyone who got involved, on Friday Twitter was alight with issues that too often are in the shadows: baby loss, birth trauma, prematurity, life in a neonatal unit. In addition, more people are now aware of HELLP syndrome and pre-eclampsia. Hopefully lives will be saved.

This is what Hugo’s Legacy is all about. Hopefully now the messages can be disseminated even further.

Friday was a beautiful example of how wonderful social media can be.

Nothing will make the loss of Hugo any easier to bear. However, the love that people have for my super champion boy Hugo, and the support so many people offer Martin and I provides a small comfort.

Keeping Hugo’s memory alive through raising awareness of these vital issues is an incredible legacy for a tiny boy whose time on Earth was far too brief.

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