Words of Advice from Baby Loss Moms

The wonderful Meghan is Mabel’s Mummy. Today is Mabel’s first birthday – Happy Birthday, Mabel – and it is sadly also the day she died.

Meghan blogs at Expecting the Unexpected. She is a midwife, and as part of a talk to local midwifery students prepared a handout about baby loss. Meghan had asked her readers about what we would like midwives to know about baby loss, and the handout contains our suggestions. The suggestions are very insightful, so I would like them to share them with you, too. Thank you, Meghan.

Expecting the Unexpected

At the end of my talk to my local midwifery students, I gave them a handout, that speaks volumes.  You may recognizes some words, because they were simply taken from the comments section in response to my question of what would you like midwifery students to know about baby loss.   Feel free to comment if you have more advice to give! Here is the handout:

Words of Advice from Baby Loss Moms

“Video clips of ultrasounds meant so much to me and I would have like a recording of my daughter’s heartbeat if they could have given me one. At the time I didn’t know it those would be my only memories of her. I appreciated when my doctors were honest but sensitive.” -mother of Caroline, carried to term after a Trisomy 13diagnosis, who lived for 58 days.

“I think they didn’t tell me anything because they had…

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