Raising Money for First Touch for Hugo’s First Birthday

Martin and I are fundraising for First Touch, the charity for sick and premature babies at St George’s Hospital in Hugo’s memory, and in recognition of his upcoming first birthday.

A significant part of Hugo’s Legacy is improving communication and information for parents who have a baby in a neonatal unit. We were given a stack of beautifully-presented booklets and leaflets that were just too much to read and take in, meaning we missed out on valuable information about Hugo’s care.

The charity Best Beginnings has a fabulous series of films called ‘Small Wonders’. The films talk about all the things neonatal parents will need to know, from birth; getting involved in cares; expressing breast milk; skin-to-skin cuddles; progressing to special care, and taking your baby home. Things are clearly explained, and they are a valuable source of helping parents familiarise themselves with the neonatal unit environment, and empowering them to get involved in their baby’s care. Each of the films are only a few minutes long, making them beneficial for the short attention spans of tired and stressed parents!

For parents whose baby sadly dies, there is also a film about bereavement.

First Touch is now fundraising for nine portable DVD players so parents are able to watch the ‘Small Wonders’ films by their baby’s side. This is a brilliant idea and will be invaluable for parents. The DVD players cost £85 each. Four players have so far been funded, leaving a further five to find money for – plus headphones so parents can listen to the DVD without disturbing others.

Raising money for these DVD players in Hugo’s memory is Martin’s lovely idea to mark our special star boy’s upcoming first birthday, which is on February 20. Please take a moment to visit our Just Giving page and give as much as you are able.

Since Hugo died, we have been fundraising for First Touch in thanks for all the unit did for Hugo and us and so far have bought an oximeter in his name.

Hugo’s first birthday will be a difficult day because he is not with us. However, we would like to celebrate how special our little Star Boy Hugo Boss is to us, and to so many others. We would like to pay tribute the difference he has made to so many lives – during his life and now, through his legacy. I would love to see #HugosLegacy trending on Twitter on February 20 – please help wish our boy a happy birthday by showing he will never be forgotten.



6 thoughts on “Raising Money for First Touch for Hugo’s First Birthday

  1. benwirral says:

    This is a great idea Leigh and Martin, the Small Wonders DVD is excellent and by all accounts very helpful in giving parents some kind of preparation. Best of luck with the fundraising!


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