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This week has been another challenging one. If you have read the posts I have published this week, you will get an idea of how it is has been challenging. Rather than rehash why the week has been horrible, I have chosen for this post to focus on the pretty things that have featured in my week.

Last Saturday I got a lovely surprise, with some beautiful flowers from two amazing friends. I have not yet met Vicki from Honest Mum, or Katie from Pouting in Heels, but I feel honoured to have got to know them through blogging. Vicki and Katie sent the flowers to say they were thinking of me. The flowers meant so much; I was genuinely incredibly touched. This is another example of the beauty of the blogging world: I am in touch with so many wonderful, kind people I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have met otherwise.

The flowers are a collection of pink, red and yellow roses, and white, purple and yellow freesias. The freesias have been flowering during the course of the week, and have the most divine scent. I enjoy looking at them and taking a moment to smell them every time I pass my dining table.

The flowers on the day they arrived.

The flowers on the day they arrived.

Freesias in full bloom.

Freesias in full bloom.

I enjoy getting my nails done; having gel nails is my little treat to myself. I used to paint my nails myself, but I am pretty rubbish, usually applying the polish too thickly, getting it all over my fingers, and even when applying a quick-dry top coat doing other things too quickly and smudging it. Very frustrating. Gel nails are wonderful because they are dry immediately (that took a couple of goes to get used to!) and they don’t chip. They last about three weeks or so, as they grow out. I see a lovely lady who does gel nails from home. We always have a bit of a giggle too, which is fab.

This week I got a pretty purple with purple sparkle over, with an accent grey with silver sparkle over on both my ring fingers. I do like a bit of sparkle! The purple is a lovely bright spring shade (feeling optimistic), while the silver is sparkly like a glitter ball – they set each other off perfectly.

New nails, with my pretty fingerless gloves I wear to protect my chilly hands while typing.

New nails, with my pretty fingerless gloves I wear to protect my chilly hands while typing.

Yesterday saw a trip to the opticians for me. It was a regular two year check up. I have astigmatism, which is a fairly common problem that means the cornea is an irregular shape (curved more like a rugby ball than a football). It means that without my glasses, the world is a bit blurry and out of focus. With glasses, it is like seeing the world in super-duper HD.

The check-up revealed that I needed a much stronger prescription, because the astigmatism has worsened significantly. The issue tends to worsen as we age. The optician recommended I wear glasses all the time, to help prevent straining my eyes further. I’ve been booked in for a free contact lens trial next week, which will be interesting!

I don’t mind wearing glasses; I’ve been wearing them since I was about 12. Luckily, frames have come on in leaps and bounds since my original late ’80s standard NHS issue ones, and there are lots of pretty ones to choose from.

The sweet assistant (probably in her early 20s) who helped me choose made me laugh: I rejected a pair she suggested as ‘too ’80s’, and she said she thought retro was fashionable. “Not if you remember it the first time around”, I replied – goodness I feel old!

I spent ages choosing – if I am going to be wearing them all the time, and in public, they have to be right! So many pairs were tried on, and my final selection was tried on with hair up and hair down, to be sure they looked right. I was tempted by a couple of designer pairs, but in the end chose Boots ones. I figured the lenses are going to be the same quality, and with the designer frames you are paying lots more money for the name. It also meant I could get a second pair (there was an offer on too) so I can change my look. One pair is a deep purple, while the other is brown tortoiseshell. They are both a cat’s eye shape.

I collect them next week – let’s hope I still like them!

Fortunately, besides the increased prescription my overall eye health is fine. This was a relief because I have read of other women who had preeclampsia and HELLP syndrome as severely as me, who have been left with permanent eye problems, particularly concerning the retina.

In that context, I won’t complain about the astigmatism, particularly as it is easily remedied with glasses.

The 20 minute walk to my appointment yesterday took place amidst heavy snowfall – I couldn’t believe it when I looked out of the window. I wrapped up to brave it. The snow was blowing in my face, but it was actually quite pretty, especially as they were big flakes, swirling around.

Snow that has fallen overnight has settled, and the garden looks pretty, all sparkling white.


 Word of the Week – Pretty

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20 thoughts on “Pretty Things

  1. Stephanie (@LifeAt139a) says:

    Those flowers are beautiful Leigh and I bet they smell divine. I’ve always thought it odd about choosing glasses – you have to do it when you can’t bloomin’ well see! How bonkers is that?! And yes I remember the 89s the first time round and feel old looking back on them – I’m not sure how they can be that long ago!!! X


    • Leigh Kendall says:

      I know, it’s so silly with glasses isn’t it? You’d think with all the new technology these days there would be a better way. I can’t bear to think how long ago the ’80s are…thanks for commenting xxx


  2. Louisa says:

    Such beautiful flowers. What a thoughtful gift. I had laser eye surgery for my astigmitation after it got to the stage I couldn’t see in the shower and ended up using all the wrong products on all the wrong places x


  3. thereadingresidence says:

    Lovely word to have chosen, and those flowers are just beautiful. I do love the blogging community. Your nails look fab! I want mine done like that now! I hope you like your glasses. I have to wear mine all the time, as my eyesight’s very poor, so choosing a new pair is always a big deal. And of course, I can’t actually see myself when I try them on, so my husband has to come with me, photograph me in them, I put my specs back on, have a look, try more on…and so it goes! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


    • Leigh Kendall says:

      Aw treat yourself to a gel manicure! Blimey what a palaver with choosing new glasses – there surely needs to be a better way for people with poor eyesight! And oh yes, I do love the blogging community xxx


  4. Katie / Pouting In Heels says:

    Leigh, as Vicki says, it was our absolute pleasure! We’re both delighted to know that they cheered you up a little. You – and Hugo – have really touched our lives and as I always say, you’re a massive inspiration xxx

    I too LOVE gel nails! (Well gellish for me) And I no longer paint my fingernails because there is really no point when your nails can last for 3 weeks without chipping. They look gorgeous, love the sparkle.

    Take care and please, please, please do share those glasses when they arrive! XXX

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leigh Kendall says:

      Thank you, that is so kind. I’m glad to have you both in my life.

      Gel nails (I think mine are gelish too) are amazing aren’t they? I’ll never go back to ordinary polish. The lovely lady who does my nails always has a giggle at me because of my love of sparkle 🙂

      I shall share photos of the glasses when they arrive!

      Lots of love xxx


  5. Natalie Smithson says:

    Leigh, love your new series of posts. It’s like watching your soul gradually bloom again, albeit in amongst the thorns. This line made me laugh very loud (I too have worn glasses from a young age): “Not if you remember it the first time around” 🙂 My prescription also changed quite dramatically, so I’ll point out the link to HELLP syndrome to the opticians. Thank you for writing about this and I continue to have you in my thoughts. Big love x


    • Leigh Kendall says:

      Oh thank you Natalie! Haha re the retro comment…think it’s so funny ’80s trends are back in fashion. Interesting that your prescription also changed dramatically post-HELLP. It’s incredible and scary to think the impact it can have. Hope it hasn’t affected you in that way though. Love to you too xxx


  6. Honest Mum says:

    Oh sweetie it was our absolute pleasure to send you a little gift to say we’re thinking of you and that you’ve touched our lives. I hope we will meet soon. I love your pretty nails and the snow makes everything so beautiful and serene doesn’t it. Sending you much beautiful lady and I hope you do a style post with your new glasses x

    Liked by 1 person

    • Leigh Kendall says:

      Thank you, Vicki. I too hope we will meet soon. Let’s try and get a date arranged for the spring. I shall certainly do a style post with my glasses, think that will be fun! So glad you’re in my life lovely xxx


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