Why I would like an SD card in my brain

My brain just isn’t what it used to be. It is full up, tired, bursting at the seams. Too much falls out of those seams. My memory used to be so sharp, with plenty of capacity; a veritable human Google. These days it is foggy, sluggish, out of focus, prone to forget simple things.

Of course, most of us have gone in to a room for something and on arriving completely forget what it was. Or gone to the shop for milk and…what was it I was doing again?

There is, thankfully, no actual physical damage to my brain. That is a huge relief and something I am very thankful for, knowing how close I came to a different outcome when I became so ill during my pregnancy with Hugo.

While I avoided a brain bleed and/or a stroke, my brain has been emotionally affected by grief and trauma. My brain is poorly, and while I know these symptoms are a natural result of my experiences this year, it does not stop me being frustrated with how it is affecting me.

Some days, I feel like my brain is a defunct technology.

It feels like my brain has become like an over-watched, over-used video tape. One of those that you can record over again and again. Stretched, overburdened likely to fail, scratchy. Past its best.

Jumping over chunks of the best bits, and the machine stopped recording before the happy ending.

Instead, like a plot from a Japanese horror film the scariest parts flicker in to life, especially when I am least expecting them.

An old video tape: what my brain currently feels like (image from creative commons).

An old video tape: what my brain currently feels like (image from creative commons).

There have been times when I wish I could wipe the tape clean. Erase it all. Start afresh. Of course, I mean to delete only the bad memories, the trauma, the heartbreak. However, just like an old videotape we cannot selectively erase memories and I cannot bear the thought of losing precious memories of my baby boy. Of him kicking inside my belly. Of watching him inside his incubator. Of feeling his skin against mine.

Wiping the tape clean also means losing what makes me, me. That option is too extreme.

So, how about enhancing my brain with a software upgrade? Software upgrades promise a faster operating system, more bells and whistles, and a smoother, snazzier experience. The trouble with upgrades is that things tend to go a bit awry, things go in the wrong place, and it takes time to get used to how it works again. That sounds like a hassle, and I can’t be bothered with that. Not to mention that upgrades usually take up loads of space – and my brain is already full.

That is why I would love my brain to be fitted with an SD card. It seems like the perfect solution: additional capacity for thoughts and memories. I can be selective about what thoughts and memories I put on to the card. The sad and traumatic memories can be put on to the SD card and taken out, put in a safe place and accessed only when I am ready to look at them. Removing those memories would leave more room for the happier memories to run free in my brain, and to be accessed more easily. Hopefully, it might also make me feel better and more able to return to indulging in more of the things I enjoy doing.


An SD card. I’d definitely need one with a bigger capacity, but we take what we can get with images from creative commons.

I know that with time, my brain will recover. The emotions will feel less raw, and I will function within a ‘new normal’. The bad memories will remain, though, meaning the control my fantasy SD card would give my brain sounds wonderful.

Sadly, I know it is only a science fiction fantasy. But you never know what may be possible in the future…


In this little fantasy world, what technology would you like to help your brain or memory?



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17 thoughts on “Why I would like an SD card in my brain

  1. smith greame says:

    Love your thoughts anyways. Dealing with Science Fiction is also a thought that we can try to understand we are becoming helpless and it will be a better dream; if it was science fiction. Since many things possible over there like a SD card instead of a human brain. But comparably nothing can overtake your human brain for sure.


  2. Michelle Payne-Gale says:

    Great post! Would be such a useful technology to have. I agree with both an SD card and an external hard drive. What also would be good is a faster processor so that I could get through my multiple distracting thoughts a lot easier, without them sabotaging everything else I’ve set out to do for the day!


  3. ghostwritermummy2014 says:

    I’d like the same. I’d also like the ability to pause, rewind and delete.Sometimes there are things that creep into my brain at night, when I want to sleep and don’t want to have to think. If that makes sense?! Hugs to you x x x


  4. Jenny @ Let's Talk Mommy says:

    I could do with an external hard drive for my brain. I have too many thoughts, too many to dos, too much work, and play and ideas of the things we should do someday in my head. It often never shuts up at night and leaves me without sleep and if only I could up load all that to my external hard drive and leave my brain empty to sleep to relax and to just be. Would be amazing. Lovely post and I love your idea of SD card. Brilliant. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme


  5. Tara says:

    Not quite the same but I was thinking about this the other day in terms of books and wondering how/what we will read in 10 years time. I imagined books just being zapped straight into your brain.

    I wouldn’t mind an iPad in my head. Useful and fun at the same time.


    • Leigh Kendall says:

      I find these sorts of things fascinating – you never know how we will be reading in 10 years’ time – 10 years ago we didn’t have iPads, Kindles or smartphones, but they’re now integrated into the lives of so many of us. Thanks for your comment! xxx


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