After a holiday always follows a return to routine.

I’ve returned to my writing, which gives me a huge comfort. I did three posts during the 10 days we were away, and was bursting with ideas. I am still trying to work out that whole balance thing, and have regressed to finding it difficult to have down time. I’m going to try to ensure I have some relaxing time as part of my routine – something for me to work on.

Martin and I have also been going to the gym again. We didn’t go much in October, making plentiful excuses – some reasonable, some not. Combined with full English breakfasts, cake, lovely meals and other delicious treats while on holiday we both felt in need of some exercise, as well as a return to more balanced eating. So, we’ve been making a real effort to integrate going to the gym in to our daily routine – no excuses. A ‘normal’ home routine also helps with more sensible eating (with the odd treat, of course!). Thus far, it’s going well, and we are both feeling positive physical effects as a result.

We visited Hugo’s garden on our return from holiday. I was a little anxious about how it would look because we were not around to tend it for 10 days but besides the grass around the border growing a little unkempt it is flourishing more than ever. The pansies that at first I was concerned would be devoured by the slugs have fought back and are displaying the most beautiful colours, while the forget-me-nots are going from strength to strength. In particular, the daisy bush that was a tiny plant at the beginning of the summer is absolutely thriving – and threatening to take over the plot! I loved how the solar-powered butterfly was fluttering around and around – it is like Hugo is saying ‘hello’ to us.

The garden is a burst of vibrant colour.

We will have to figure out how to decorate Hugo’s garden once winter proper arrives, as the exposure and frost are likely to decimate the pretty flowers. However, we are going to plant some snowdrops and Hugo also has a range of animals and whirlygigs to keep him company. Visiting Hugo’s garden remains very much part of our routine.


The Reading Residence

19 thoughts on “Routine

  1. Louise says:

    Hugo’s garden looks so very pretty. Hope you had a lovely holiday and manage to find some relaxation time for yourself now that you are settling back into a routine again x #WotW


  2. thereadingresidence says:

    Slipping back into a routine after holiday can be a good thing, and it sounds like you’ve been very productive, too. Hugo’s garden is looking gorgeous, and I think snowdrops will be just beautiful. Thanks for sharing with #WotW x


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