A world gone up in smoke

The match strikes the box

The flame is lit

The flame quivers, flickers, then grows

Shines brightly, glows, illuminates our world.

Quickly, too quickly, the flame travels up the match

Burning brightly, full of energy, yet vulnerable too

The flame reaches the end of the match, it smoulders.

Still I hold on to it.

My fingers are burned.

It hurts.

All that is left are a few wisps of vapour

And a world gone up in smoke.



Based on the prompt word ‘smoke’


24 thoughts on “A world gone up in smoke

  1. maddy@writingbubble says:

    This is beautiful and heartbreaking. You have really captured the sense of joy that Hugo’s short life brought and the grief of losing him. Is the shape deliberate (It looks like a pregnancy in profile)? #theprompt


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