The worst storm you can imagine

I wore a look like thunder on my face.

The anger of ‘why me, why my baby’?

In the midst of the storm of grief

The wind howled around me.

The rain lashed down.

It was the worst storm you can imagine.

Off the scale. Off the chart.

Like a hurricane, typhoon and tornado rolled in to one.

It swept away my happiness, my future, my dreams.

The thunder roared.

So loud I could not think, could not focus.

The lightning flashed.

Confused, frightened, I lost my way.

I thought the sun would never shine again.

That it would rain forever.

Only grey skies, depression, sorrow.

Eventually, the thunder rumbles away.

The skies clear.

The rain diminishes.

The ground dries up.

Sunshine appears.

Smiles return.

Some of the storm’s damage is repaired

But there are some things that are broken forever.

Swept away, never to be seen again.

I keep an eye on the weather forecast.

I know the storm will one day return.

The stress, the sorrow, the sadness like humidity will build

And one day create another storm.

But next time the thunder will not be as loud.

The lightning will not be as bright.

The rain will not be as heavy.

And I know that the sunshine will come out again.


I just have to wait.

There is nothing I can do to prevent the storms.

Nothing I can do to make them pass any faster.

They are a force of nature.

But I have hope. I have passion.

I love Hugo with the strength of a Force 10 hurricane, tornado, typhoon.

A mother’s love is like thunder.

It will be heard. It cannot be stopped.

I wear my love like sunshine on my face.



Linking up with Mum Turned Mom – prompt word ‘thunder’


Prose for Thought

Prose for Thought

42 thoughts on “The worst storm you can imagine

  1. deskmonkeymummy says:

    Beautiful and painfully honest words as always. I did read this earlier (on the way to work again!) and it stuck with me until I had the chance to comment. I can’t even begin to imagine that storm. I hope the sun is beginning to shine for you xx


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