The star that shines the brightest

Mummy loves sunshine, Hugo:

This year, Mummy and Daddy thought the sun was shining on us –

A beautiful baby boy to look forward to,

Our joy was shining brightly.

Mummy loved being pregnant with you, Hugo:

But you had to be born too early –

You were such a feisty little boy, Hugo Boss,

Our pride shone so brightly.

Mummy so wanted to take you home, Hugo:

We did everything we could,

The doctors and nurses did everything they could –

Our hope shone so brightly.

Mummy’s and Daddy’s hearts broke when you left us, Hugo:

You took pieces of our hearts with you to your new home in the stars –

There is a gaping chasm in our lives where you should be,

The thick dark clouds of grief hide the sunshine.

Mummy and Daddy miss you so much, Hugo:

We are comforted by the memory of you,

The memory of such a special baby –

Your memory shines on.


Mummy and Daddy love you so much, Hugo:

We love you to the moon and back –

A million times.

Yours is the star that shines the brightest.

The three of us

The three of us








Prose for Thought

24 thoughts on “The star that shines the brightest

  1. Victoria Welton says:

    Oh Leigh, my heart breaks for you all over again. It can’t get any easier as time goes on and everyone else seems to get on with their lives whilst you struggle with yours. Beautiful words. I am thinking of you. thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx


  2. deskmonkeymummy says:

    I read this on the way to work when you posted it and had to stop to check my mascara wasn’t all over my face. It’s really hard to comment on a touch screen phone when you’re crying. Leigh, your words are so full of emotion and heartbreak. He’s definitely shining xx


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