There were a few words in the running this week:

Trepidation, because September starts a new month of poignancy of a different kind. September 2013 was the month I started the fertility treatment, and then a few weeks later I discovered I was pregnant.

‘Sad’ was another consideration. I’m sure you can figure out why.

Then I remembered this quote by Winston Churchill.


So, the word I chose was a positive, decisive word: determined.

I am determined to try and see the positive in every day, no matter how difficult it might feel sometimes.

I am determined to try and make the most of my life, and of every day, especially in Hugo’s honour.

I am determined to be myself, and celebrate who I am.

I am determined that Hugo’s Legacy will make a difference to other babies and parents in a similar position.

With determination, passion, fight, tenacity, resilience and spirit I will continue my work and make sure my son’s life was not in vain.

The Reading Residence

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