O is for Opportunity




O is for opportunity.

I take advantage of any opportunity to leave Hugo’s mark – here on my blog, in conversations, and sharing his photos.

Today I visited a local art gallery/museum with my friend. I was rewarded with this graffiti board which visitors are invited to draw whatever they like on.

My contribution was, of course, five coloured stars – one for every precious week of Hugo’s life, and his name. Today marks six months since Hugo’s birth, so being able to leave such a memento of Hugo’s existence is particularly poignant.

I had gambled on the art gallery/museum not having any visitors in the form of babies and young children and fortunately, I was right. Judging from some of the lower-down scrawls little ones have visited, so I made good timing. I know I cannot continue with this avoidance strategy forever, but it’s step-by-step, day-by-day.

Hugo’s stars are now on that board for every future visitor to see.

I love you all the way to the moon and back a million times, by precious super champion boy.

Close-up: bit blurry unfortunately.

Close-up: bit blurry unfortunately.



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