Hugo goes everywhere I go

Like many bereaved parents, after Hugo’s death I was obsessed with collecting mementoes of him. It was reflective of an intense desire to have proof that Hugo really had existed.

Photos were framed to put on display around the house, and I have a memory box full of his little hats and other bits and bobs.

I wanted something I could wear every day. Something that shows how proud I am of Hugo. A tattoo has been considered, and the idea is still on the table. However tattoos (dependent on where you put them) aren’t always visible.



What I was looking for was sort of a proof that I really am a mother, even though I might not have my baby in my arms to physically prove it.

So, I thought a piece of jewellery might be the best option. Hours were spent trawling the internet for inspiration and ideas – I wanted to make sure I was making the right choice.

For a while, I considered those little clear pods on chains that you can put little keepsakes in. In the end, I discounted them because I wasn’t entirely sure what I would put in one, and the reference to Hugo wouldn’t have been obvious enough.

I then discovered personalised hand print jewellery, which was a revelation. This type of jewellery takes a hand, foot or finger print of your little one and puts it on a piece of jewellery of your choice.

There are many such companies available online, and again I spent a while browsing them all. I was very excited when I found Hold Upon Heart. I saw the silver star charm and knew it was the one for me.

Hugo goes everywhere I go.

Hugo goes everywhere I go.

Stars have a very special significance for me with Hugo because I sang ‘Twinkle Twinkle’ to him several times a day, and I say he is now in the stars.

The item description says that you can have a hand or a footprint and the name and the date on the back. I really wanted Hugo’s name, hand and foot print and got in touch with them to ask what was possible. They have brilliant customer service and agreed to put his hand print on the front with his name, and a footprint on the back with his date of birth.

Another lovely touch is the option to include a birthstone. Hugo was born in February, which is amethyst. Purple is my favourite colour, so it was perfect.

You can choose a jumpring so the pendant can go on a chain as a necklace, or a charm carrier to wear it as a bracelet. I chose the medium size in dark print so the hand and foot print would really stand out, and with a high polish.

I wanted to get something for Martin, too. He’s not really into jewellery and the range of attractive options for men really sealed the deal for me. I chose the leather wrap fingerprint bracelet for him, with an oval charm bearing Hugo’s hand and footprint on the front along with his name, and his date of birth on the back.

The bracelet was a surprise, and I had to surreptitiously measure his watch strap to make sure I ordered the right size for his wrist.

Martin's bracelet

Martin’s bracelet

For the bracelet charm, I chose darkened prints on an oval charm and a soft satin finish.

We were very fortunate to have Hugo’s hand and foot prints – a nurse took them after Hugo died. I scanned them in and emailed them to Hold Upon Heart for them to craft the jewellery from.

All the jewellery is hand made from sterling silver and hallmarked. It takes about 28 days from the order being placed to receiving your jewellery. I was so looking forward to receiving them I got in touch with them a couple of times to ask how they were coming along, and received friendly responses.

The items arrived via recorded delivery in beautiful little boxes. The finished result exceeded my wildest expectations.

The reverse of my pendant.

The reverse of my pendant.

My pendant is beautiful, and the quality of the silver is far better than I had anticipated. The star is thick and feels like it will last forever.

Martin loves his bracelet, too.

We both wear our items every day, and they are often admired. It means Hugo goes everywhere I go, and it’s a way of keeping Hugo visually with us.

The jewellery has also worked as a cunning plan to get people to ask us about them – it’s a way of working Hugo in to the conversation.

Priceless jewellery, indeed.

Finger, hand and footprint jewellery are a particularly poignant memento of babies and children who are no longer with us. Similar jewellery would also be a wonderful gift for parents or grandparents of living children – companies send a kit to make the prints.

I can’t express enough how much I love my Hold Upon Heart jewellery, and would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.

Me wearing my necklace.

Me wearing my necklace.


*This is not a sponsored post. I researched and paid for the items myself. Hold Upon Heart do not even know I am writing the post.

13 thoughts on “Hugo goes everywhere I go

  1. mummyshambles says:

    Coincidentally, I saw something similar when I was getting my hair done last week and I thought then what a wonderful idea it is.
    Another heart rending post which gives us a little understanding of what you’re going through. Sad yet beautiful words..
    Much love to you. X


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