I Miss You

I Miss You

Hugo cuddling Mummy

Hugo cuddling Mummy

I miss you, my unborn baby

I miss my growing bump

I miss you kicking inside me, and later your feet in my ribs

I miss the excitement and anticipation

I miss you.

I miss you, my Hugo

I miss coming to see you in your incubator

I miss you demanding to lie on your tummy

I miss singing to you, and reading to you

I miss your boogying

I miss seeing your face scrunch up when I wipe it over

I miss your wiggle when your milk hit your tummy

I miss changing your nappy

I miss our cuddles, your chest against mine, your fingers gently tracing my skin

I miss your strong, long, lithe arms and legs waving around

I miss watching you open your eyes

I miss your beautiful head of dark hair

I miss feeling you kick against me

I miss your character, your spirit, your determination

I miss being able to bring you home

I miss having hope

I miss you.

I miss you, my baby boy

I miss your birth

I miss your chubby face, dimpled arms and legs

I miss blowing raspberries on your tummy

I miss bath time

I miss walks with you in your buggy

I miss hearing your cry, your giggle, your voice calling ‘Mummy!’

I miss you playing boy games with your Daddy, and sitting on the sofa with him learning all about his favourite sports

I miss making up games with you

I miss singing to you, and you learning all the words

I miss reading to you, and you demanding your favourite bits to be read again and again

I miss you learning to read, and to count

I miss comforting you when you cry

I miss you trying new foods

I miss you being interested in the world

I miss your hobbies

I miss your milestones

I miss you growing up in to such a handsome boy

I miss everything you were going to be.

I miss you.

I love you, Hugo. So, so much.

Me and Hugo

Me and Hugo

4 thoughts on “I Miss You

  1. Michaela says:

    Leigh that’s just beautiful and utterly heart wrenching. I hope you can hold those memories close and one day they can bring you some comfort.
    You will always miss Hugo but by sharing your experiences you are keeping him close. And letting us all share in his life too xx


    • Leigh Kendall says:

      Thank you. I’d always planned to show off my son, just like any proud new mum. I never imagined I’d have to share Hugo in this way, but I am pleased I am able to, and that the world is able to see what an incredible, super champion boy he is. xxx


      • Jenny Brooks says:

        Such beautiful and honest feelings – so hard to read, but even harder for you to write, I am sure. Keep hold of those beautiful memories, I am sure they will serve you well at a later date,
        Well done for sharing all of this, I am sure it wil help others now and in the future. Jennyxx


      • Leigh Kendall says:

        Thanks Jenny. I have so many lovely memories of Hugo to treasure, but I’m also heartbroken there aren’t more. I do hope my openness about the experience can help others. xxx


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