Hugo, who inspires so many

Hugo, demonstrating his fighting spirit.

Hugo demonstrating his fighting spirit.

Hugo, my precious boy
So wanted, so loved
I thought my heart might burst with love
Our love inspires so many

Hugo, my special boy
Bright in mind and spirit
Never before has a name been so fitting
Your character inspires so many

Hugo, my champion boy
Your strong arms and legs, your determination
Never again will I feel so proud
Your strength inspires so many

Hugo, my brave boy
You fought and fought with all your might
Until you could fight no more
Your courage inspires so many

Hugo, my darling boy
You had to leave us too soon
My arms ache, I miss you so much
But in the flowers, butterflies and bees will be
The spirit that inspires so many

Hugo, our ickle man
Mummy and Daddy feel so sad
We are lucky you are our baby
But in our hearts and minds you will always be
With the happy memories that are so many.

Prose for Thought

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2 thoughts on “Hugo, who inspires so many

  1. Victoria Welton says:

    Stunningly beautiful words. I am certain that he looks down on you and realises just how much you have done as a result of him and what you went through. Lots of love to you Leigh and thank you for linking to Prose for Thought xx


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