Springing into summer with a burst of colour

Spring is my favourite time of year: the world transforms from muted wintery tones to a world full of bright colour. My wardrobe reflects this seasonal transformation in microcosm.

I’m delighted spring is here, after what seems like an eternal winter. The resplendence of the daffodils and blossom cheers the soul. Long-awaited sunshine provides a much-needed dose of Vitamin D and serotonin.

Winter wardrobes require layering: knitwear, thick tights and cosy knee-high boots to finish off the look. With a wardrobe lacking space to fit all seasons’ attire in at once (note: it’s the fault of the wardrobe, not a case of having too many clothes) I always look forward to the springtime ritual of swapping the knitted dresses for flowing cotton numbers.

The sight of my summer clothes makes me smile as I dig them out of their storage bag under the bed. While most of my wardrobe features colour, the pallette for spring/summer is so much brighter. They bring with them promise the feel of the sunshine on my skin and long, lazy days walking or just sitting relaxing with a good book in the garden – the simplest of pleasures.

Having to iron said items after their long hibernation before they look presentable enough to wear: less of a pleasure. You can’t have it all.

Summer stunners vs winter wear

Summer stunners vs winter wear

4 thoughts on “Springing into summer with a burst of colour

  1. Michelle Payne-Gale says:

    Amen! Spring sunshine is so good for the soul. All my colourful floaty tops are coming out now too. Still rocking my thigh-high fur-lined winter boots a while longer though! 😉


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