Warpaint (or because I’m worth it)

Recent trips away have prompted me to think about the time, money and effort I put into pampering – and why I do it.

In my little wheelie case for a mere two nights away, beyond the basics to wash and to clean my teeth were products to buff, defuzz and moisturise my skin, put make-up on in the morning, remove it in the evening and things to make me smell nice too. Don’t tell anyone but my hair is naturally curly, meaning if I don’t want to look like I’ve been dragged through a hedge backwards I need to trudge with me the tools needed to style it into straight submission.

To find out more about this very important issue I conducted a wholly unscientific survey of my friends, asking them why they primp and preen themselves. Their candour was appreciated and reflected diverse results. While there were different motivations, the common theme was that making an effort meant you projected a better image to others. As professionals, it’s important to make it look like we care as like it or not, it’s all part of the package. Of course, attracting the opposite (or the same) sex is a factor: whether or not you’re looking to nab someone, feeling attractive and getting that second glance is always a perk. Perhaps that’s the nub of it, as one of my friends observed: spending those few extra minutes in the morning making yourself feel your best helps you radiate confidence to the outside world.

I haven’t forgotten I’d promised to share my own motivations for preening. I’d never describe myself as high maintenance but given the myriad products described above, I guess I’m further along the scale than I thought. Ultimately, it makes me feel better if I put in a bit of effort towards looking my best. I mainly do it for me, but I would be lying if I didn’t admit I was trying to project a positive image of myself. I’ve mentioned above that my hair needs beating into submission and that takes most of my time in the morning. A bit of make-up makes me feel and look alive, which is important because unless I’m on holiday, I often don’t get enough sleep (who does?). However, leaving the house barefaced isn’t the end of the world for me. Something I don’t do is preen before a gym workout like I’ve seen other women in the changing rooms do (what’s that all about?), but I still have a bulging shower bag.

Ok…I’ve resisted this long: it’s because I’m worth it.

She's rocking the Wall-paint.

She’s rocking the Wall-paint.

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